Backgammon-a-thon Success!

Here is a message from Guy Shennan who played Backgammon for 12 hours non-stop on Saturday to raise money for THJFA:

“A massive thank you to those of you who came along to play or support me yesterday.

There was a fantastic £200 donated during the day and with the sponsorship pledges I’ve received it looks like we’ll be raising well over £500 from the event.

One of the main things we raise money for is to support visits to Tower Hamlets by people from Jenin. Our next visitor is Saba Jarrar, a social worker from Jenin who is staying with us in Tower Hamlets from 3-10 March as part of an annual visit of women from Palestine to the UK.

It was a great thing to be part of yesterday, and a special thanks to Matt, the landlord of the Camel, who couldn’t be there, for creating a pub where such an event could happen.


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