Why You Should Oppose Israeli Arms and Join Our Banner Making!

Welcome to my house | RT @imPalestine: @iBashar 's house... on Twitpic

Bshar’s house partly damaged following an gigantic Israeli F16 airstrike on a compound that left three injuries so far (in Gaza).

Make stand against using these atrocious arms on civilians and join our protest against the arms fair!

Hunting for Treasure-Seekers!

Hunting for Treasure Seekers!

Come and join our first ever Tower Hamlets Treasure Hunt in aid of Tower Hamlets Jenin Friendship Association!

We will meet at Tredegar Square where we will have stalls and registration from 5pm until 6.30pm. From there, you will follow intriguing clues around London and reach your final destination, Kingsley Hall, where there will be a gazebo, marquees and food on sale from 7.30pm. Food and drink will be available for Iftar if you are breaking fast at sundown.