Verdict on Rachel Corrie death

As you likely have heard by now, this morning in Haifa, Israel the verdict was announced in the civil case brought by the Corrie family against the State of Israel. The verdict was truly devastating. The judge found Rachel Corrie’s death to be an accident, with no fault or responsibility for the Israeli military. When she was killed, Rachel was attempting to defend a civilian home in Rafah, Gaza from demolition with a Caterpillar bulldozer. This  verdict reflects the impunity of the Israeli army and confirms the deficient investigation undertaken by Israel after Rachel’s death.  You can see the press release from the We Divest Campaign here.

In response to the verdict, Cindy and Craig Corrie, Rachel’s parents said:

“We are deeply saddened and troubled by what we heard today in the court of Judge Oded Gershon. This was a bad day, not only for us, but for human rights, for humanity, the rule of law, and the country of Israel. From the beginning, it was clear that there was a system to protect the military and soldiers, to provide them impunity. This extends to the courts. The diplomatic process failed us. The Israeli court system demonstrated that it failed us too. Rachel was a human being who deserved accountability, and we as her family deserve that too.”

With no justice in the courts, we are all responsible to bring justice and the end to the occupation. The nonviolent tactics of boycotts and divestments campaigns as called for by Palestinian civil society are the best tools we have. We and the Rachel Corrie foundation urge you to take action and help spread the word about the We Divest Campaign and our work to push TIAA-CREF divest from companies that are profiting from the Israeli occupation, including the $1 billion they have invested in Caterpillar Inc. in their general funds.