Delegation of Tower Hamlets Councillors Visit Jenin!

A moving meeting with 3 Jenin prisoners who had been released after 20 years in Israeli jails.

In August 2013, Councillors Ohid Ahmed (Deputy Mayor), Shahed Ali, Rania Khan and Lutfa Begum visited Jenin on a visit organised by THJFA. Following a brief stay in occupied East Jerusalem, the delegation proceeded to Jenin where they spent days learning about the city and the camp of Jenin and the situation of the Palestinians living there. Talal Dweikat, the Governor of Jenin, who visited Tower Hamlets last year, invited and received the delegation.

In Jenin, the delegation were welcomed by the Governor of the Jenin Province, Talal Dweikat, who visited Tower Hamlets in 2012, and the Mayor of Jenin Town and the Mufti, along with THJFA’s partner Yousef Awad of the Jenin Creative Cultural Centre.

The delegation were invited to attend the celebration of the release of three Palestinian prisoners from Jenin, who were freed from Israeli jails as part of the build up to the current negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. A fuller report and pictures of the visit are on the Pictures page of the website.

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