Please write to your Tower Hamlets Councillors asking them to support twinning motion

We need your assistance! A motion to officially twin Tower Hamlets with Jenin is going to full council on Wednesday 27th November. It has the support of the Mayor and cabinet but also requires the support of the ruling Labour group. Make sure your councillors are supporting the motion by amending this letter as appropriate and emailing it to the Tower Hamlets Councillors (addresses below):

Dear Councillor

I am writing to you to ask for your support for the motion to be proposed at the Council meeting on Wednesday, to twin the borough of Tower Hamlets with the Province of Jenin in Palestine.

I believe that such a twinning would be of great mutual benefit to the people in both areas. The Palestinian people of Jenin are reaching out for international relationships and support and in my view the vast majority of people in Tower Hamlets would like to enter into such a relationship. At the same time, this would be of benefit to the people here in Tower Hamlets, as they learn about the lives of the Palestinian people, and our schools, colleges and other community groups can be enriched by the connections made.

Such links can also contribute to the pursuance of social justice in this part of the world, as twinning can provide an expression of hope that one day all the people there, whether they be Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or of no faith, may live together peacefully.

As a Tower Hamlets resident, I therefore hope that you will support this motion.

Kind regards,

[Your name and address]

Please select the relevant addresses for your area or simply write to all the councillors:,,, ‘’,,,,, ‘’,,,, ‘’,,, ‘’,,,,,, ‘’,,,,, ‘’,,,,,,,,,,,, ‘’,, ‘’,,,, ‘’, ‘’,,,, ‘’,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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