Visitors from Jenin in Tower Hamlets

From October 6th to 16th, the Tower Hamlets Jenin Friendship Association (THJFA) will be hosting three delegates from the Palestinian Authority on an information and cultural exchange to the borough.

THJFA has been working for a decade to build links between the Borough and the province of Jenin in the north of Palestine. The visit is planned to further strengthen solidarity and understanding between our residents and theirs.

The delegation will meet politicians and trades unionists and visit teachers, lecturers and students, as well as enjoying some tourism in London.

A highlight will be an East End History Walk with David Rosenberg, who will show us some of the rich history of migrants of different religions into Tower Hamlets.

The visitors are:
Yousef Awad, director of International Relations for the Governor of Jenin Province.
Maysoun Dawoud, Public Relations Manager for the Mayor of Jenin City
Ahmed AlQuassem, Deputy Governor of Jenin province.

Unfortunately, Israeli authorities prevented Maysoun and Ahmed  from leaving the West Bank in occupied Palestine to travel to Jordan for their flights to London.

See pictures from Yousef’s talk at Queen Mary’s Palestine Society here


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