Day 3 of the Freedom Ride: painting the community

Day 3 and it was time to get creative.

First up was brightening up the community centre the Jordan Valley Solidarity (JVS) Campaign had built. The idea was to not only make the building look a little brighter, but to get the kids involved with the creativity too.

Tim Sanders, our very own cartoonist, began getting a few ideas down in his sketch book, which soon got the kids’ attention.

Tim sketching kids watching

Then it was time to try things out for real. So after painting a white canvas on the side of the hut the kids got started. Usama, from the Freedom Theatre, explained to the excited kids that they should paint stories from their lives: friends, family, the animals…

kids painting

And with a little help from Tim, things started to take shape. But after a while the kids enthusiasm got the better of them and the paint began to fly.

Tim & kids painting

So Doug, our six-foot hackney-based actor, put his height to good use; and held the paint up out of reach.

Doug kids & paint

Once things had calmed down and the kids went off for tea, Tim and Orajit, one of the Indian actors that has flown over from Delhi, finished their artwork in a more orderly fashion.

Tim & Orajit

Tim described the kids as having an “extraordinary and uncontrollable creative energy”. Sybil told us by phone last night that Tim’s artwork and creativity is going down a storm wherever he goes and had made lots of new friends as he sketches everything in sight.

We look forward to seeing the fruits of his work when he returns. We’ll be publishing the best of his work in a series of postcards, posters, prints and a calendar.


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