Militarised Zones as cover for land theft

image 1Mary Brodin, one our Tower Hamlets campaigners on the Freedom Ride, sent this report:

Large tracts of the Jordan Valley have been falsely declared military zones. Warning signs are erected forbidding entrance to this land. The original farmers are evicted and any that stray on to the area are shot at.

The stolen land far from being used as a military zone is then taken over by settlers and covered in greenhouses producing grapes, flowers and chilli peppers or is planted with mile upon mile of palm trees producing dates.

An elderly couple whose families have lived in the village of Yarza more than 400 years have been shot at. The man still has the bullet lodged in his body. Yarza now has only 60 people living there and has lost its school and transport links.

image 3image 4






Every three days low-flying planes monitor to see if the Palestinians have installed new water tanks.  Last month they destroyed a hilltop water tank and pipes servicing a couple of villages.

image 8

image 7Villagers have to rely on small rusty underground water tanks. They are not allowed to repair the ageing tanks which hold increasingly low levels of water because the water has been diverted to the settlers’ houses and greenhouses.

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