Day 3: Freedom Ride – Playback theatre

For more information on the Freedom Ride you can also follow the official blog, which features more detail of what they’re getting up to along with some beautiful pictures by Bryan MacCormack.

After the day’s activities the Freedom Riders and local Palestinians in Fayasel were treated to some playback theatre where actors reenacted personal stories.

The first show was called Platform that the FT had previously performed in the US about a Palestinian-American visiting Palestine for the first time following his travails through airport security, life in the West Bank and his encounters with the Israeli military.

theatre at night
Picture by Bryan MacCormack

Platform was followed by a performance by the Indian acting company Jana Natya Manch about violence.

Indian actors

And finally the night was finished off with some Playback Theatre where the FT acted out stories that the villagers had experienced including one about a father being unable to buy his daughter a wedding dress due to Israeli checkpoints and another about a woman who hid Palestinian fighters from Israeli soldiers.

actors acting
Picture by Bryan MacCormack

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