Day 4: The Freedom Ride joins Friday Struggle in Nabi Saleh

On Friday the Freedom Ride spent the day at Nabi Saleh where villagers hold a weekly protest against the theft of their land.

soldiers and jeep

Sybil sent this report:

“Today we joined the weekly demonstration against the theft of Palestinian land and the settlement that overlooks Nabi Saleh. We marched down the hill and were met by a jeep load of occupation forces, armed to the teeth. They fired dozens of tear gas canisters at us. Some of us managed to walk around the stolen fields.”

tear gas and activists

“We were very pleased to be joined by several Israeli activists, who come every week.

eating food after“We also heard extraordinary stories from the Popular Resistance Committee, many of whose activists are women, including the world’s youngest journalist – Jenna Jihad (9). She has 23,000 followers on Facebook…Join them!”

The activists were then treated to a fantastic spread by the residents of Nabi Saleh where they shared stories and made new friends.

For more information and pictures on the protest check the official blog that’s updated each day.


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