List of blog posts – delete?

Here are links to our latest blog posts – you can find the full blog at the bottom of our home page. 

Teacher from Jenin to visit Tower Hamlets in January

THJFA joins Teachers in Action Project

THJFA/TH PSC Monthly Meeting 5th November

Join the Protest Saturday 17th – Occupation Breeds Violence

Our Visitor Yousef Awad meets Mayor of Tower Hamlets

Visitors from Jenin in Tower Hamlets

Red Crescent Declates State of Emergency in West Bank

New BDS Postcards!

Welcoming Visitors from Jenin to Tower Hamlets

THJFA and THPSC Protest DSEI Arms Fair, Netanyahu’s Visit and Wales vs. Cardiff

Campaigning Stalls in September and October

Support the Middle East Children’s Alliance

Freedom Flotilla Event – 30th May

Jenin’s Freedom Theatre on UK Tour

Fundraiser for Jenin’s Freedom Theatre

Election Hustings on Palestine 20th April

Fundraising for the Freedom Theatre’s UK Tour – 14th March – come along!

Next THJFA/THPSC Meeting – 5th March

Support Glenn McMahon running the Bethlehem Half Marathon!

The General Election is Coming – Vote Palestine

Support the Big Ride

Events for February

BDS Victory as Tower Hamlets Council Agrees to Ethical Procurement to Exclude Occupation Profiteers!

Petition for Tower Hamlets Council to disqualify G4S from bidding for contracts

December Dates for your Diary

Upcoming BDS Stall and Action: 11th October

THJFA Boycott Action: Boycott Israel, Buy Palestinian!

Support Jenin Freedom Theatre’s UK Tour

THJFA Open Letter to Trinity Mirror plc about editorial in The Wharf

THJFA Organising Meeting – 8th September

Governor of Jenin expresses support for flying Palestinian Flag in Tower Hamlets

Mayor of Jenin endorses twinning with Tower Hamlets!

Support for Twinning Tower Hamlets with Jenin from Village Council of ‘Araba, Jenin Province

Twinning with Jenin – Public Event – 11th November

Britain Palestine Twinning Network AGM – 23rd November

Report of Jenin Delegation in East End Life

Delegation of Tower Hamlets Councillors Visits Jenin

Interview with THJFA Convenor Sybil Cock

THJFA Visitors Speak at National Rally for Gaza

November 26th Public Meeting – The Current Situation in Palestine and Solidarity in the East End

Launch of Palestine-UK Social Work Network

Public Meeting with Visitors from Jenin – 26th November

Students in Jenin Launch Campaign to Defend Human Rights

Press Release from the Freedom Theatre on Zakaria

Latest Article and THJFA Action on Zubeidi

URGENT CALL FOR ACTION: Free Zakaria Zubeidi

Verdict in Rachel Corrie Death

Lobby of Council in Tower Hamlets: Now 16th May

Child Prisoners in Palestine: 12th April

Hana al-Shalabi in Mortal Danger

Films from Gaza

Bin Veolia in Tower Hamlets: Launch Meeting

Haringey Justice for Palestine: First Film Night

Articles on the Crimes of Veolia


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