TH Palestine Solidarity backs September’s Women’s Boat to Gaza

womens boat to gaza
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In three months time the Women’s Boat to Gaza will set sail in an attempt to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza that has been suffocating 1.5m Palestinians for almost a decade.

The mission aims to not only highlight the escalating impact the blockade of goods and produce is having on the people living in Gaza, but also the important role women play in Palestinian society and the daily resistance to Israeli oppression.

A spokesperson for WBG said: “Like most people, we recognize the need to make our world more just and egalitarian. Women in Gaza often fill the role of caring for and sustaining life, and are actively involved in community development and nation building. It is important  to make their voices heard, even more so during periods of extreme injustice.”

TH Palestine Solidarity is supporting the Women’s Boat to Gaza, which is due to set sail in September 2016, to challenge the illegal maritime blockade of Gaza.

Please show your support for this latest project of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition however you can, including endorsing it, donating money, or time (email:

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Indy cartoonist to join Freedom Ride

tim_sandersNational newspaper cartoonist Tim Sanders has agreed to give up the comforts of London life and join the Freedom Theatre’s two-week Freedom Ride through the backwaters of the West Bank taking social and political performance, art and debate to Palestinians largely cut off from what are typically city experiences.

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We need to raise £800 by the end of March. If you can’t help financially maybe you can share the link above to help us reach our target. Many thanks for your support.