The Case of Hana Al-Shalabi

Hana al-Shalabi, from Burqin village near Jenin, has regularly been incarcerated by the Israeli authorities, and spent more than 30 months in Israeli jails prior to her release in October 2011 in a prisoner exchange agreement. She was never charged with any crime nor did she have a trial, and spent the vast majority of this time in administrative detention.

Just four months after her release, Hana was re-arrested, once again under administrative detention. The targeting of Palestinian former prisoners for re-arrest and continued administrative detention is not uncommon. Her sister, Huda, had also previously been held without charge or trial under administrative detention.

On February 16th 2012, after her re-arrest, Hana went on hunger strike. According to her lawyer, Shalabi reported that she was beaten, abused, blindfolded and placed in solitary confinement. She was on hunger strike for 43 days, and her case created international outcry and calls for her release. Amnesty International reported that she was at severe risk of dying. On March 29th, it was announced that she would end her hunger strike after striking a deal with Israel under which she would be deported to the Gaza Strip for three years.

Despite gaining her release, Hana is still not able to travel to her home and family, as she was only able to secure her freedom by agreeing to go to the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, Hana’s case is of course just one of many, as thousands of Palestinians remain in jail, denied their basic human rights.



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