The Case of Khader Adnan

On the night of the 17th December 2011, Khader Adnan was arrested in Arraba village, in the province of Jenin, in the occupied West Bank. Adnan went on hunger strike the very next day, protesting against the conditions of his arrest, Israel’s policy of administrative detention and its treatment of Palestinian prisoners.

This was not Khader’s first time in Israeli jails , nor his first hunger strike – he spent four months in Israeli administrative detention in 1999 and a year in administrative detention following his arrest in December 2002.  He was arrested 6 months after his release and conducted a hunger strike for 28 days to protest against being placed in solitary confinement. He was eventually moved into the general prison population. Khader Adnan has also spent time in Palestinian Authority jails because of his political activities.

His hunger strike in 2011-2012 inspired hundreds of other Palestinian prisoners, who joined him on hunger strike, and was the spark for demonstrations all over occupied Palestine. His hunger strike, the longest in Palestinian history, was ended on February 21st, after a deal was announced whereby he would be released a few months later.


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