Sponsor Tim’s Freedom Ride!

tim_sandersNational newspaper cartoonist Tim Sanders has agreed to give up the comforts of London life and join the Freedom Theatre’s two-week Freedom Ride through the backwaters of the West Bank taking social and political performance, art and debate to Palestinians largely cut off from such experiences.

Tims xmas cardTim, who has never been to Palestine before despite his regular cartoons, will also be running workshops and documenting his experience in his own inimitable style along the way.

However, as someone who puts his passion before his pocket TH Palestine Solidarity needs to raise enough money to make this happen and would be massively grateful if you would support the project (use Donate button below), which will not end when Tim arrives home.

We believe the project will not only provide us with a unique insight and story to tell, but an equally unique way of telling it that can be used for many years to come.

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Tim has agreed to handover the fruits of his trip so we can print and publish the best of his work on postcards, posters, calendars and even produce a small book. We’ll also hold an exhibition of his work where Tim will speak and answer questions.

So please support this great project if you can. It will be so worth while.

Sponsors will be acknowledged here (with their permission) and recognised with a memento for their kind generosity (see below).

Many, many thanks.

£10 donation = a postcard of one of Tim’s sketches

£25 donation = a poster of one of Tim’s sketches

£50 donation = a calendar featuring Tim’s sketches

£100 donation = a small book of Tim’s journey

£250 donation = a meeting, talk or workshop by Tim

Of course you can donate any amount and every pound is gratefully received.