As one of the most active branches in London – possibly the country – we seem to get through a fair chunk of money despite having no overheads.

Unsurprisingly it costs a few quid flying Palestinians over and feeding them for a week, but we also spend money on leaflets, flyers and room hire for some of our public events.

We do pretty well thanks to the generosity of our members through their monthly donations, fundraising escapades and sales of Palestinian products, but we still struggle to keep our heads above water.

So if you would like to support the work we do we would be extremely grateful to those able to make donations: it can be a one-off or monthly.

£10/month would pay for a years leaflets on a particular campaign, the hire of a large hall for one of our bigger events, and as much as 50% of one of our Palestinian guest’s airfare.

So you really can make a difference!

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